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Steel silos and process tanks

Steel silos and process tanks


Steel silos and process tanks

4INDUSTRY is a manufacturer of steel silos and supporting structures adapted to them, and a leading Polish manufacturer of silos with a small cone inclination angle, which consists of modular elements.

Steel silos are primarily used to store materials and raw materials, both semi-finished and finished products. These are devices used in most branches of industry and production.

Silos used in agriculture are differ in the way they are made and the materials used for their construction. They can also have slightly different protection against corrosion and wall insulation.

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Smaller silos can be also used as buffer tanks from where industrial installations collect semi-finished products necessary for the continuous operation of the technological line. Silos intended for storing hygroscopic materials, such as cement, lime, flour, fertilizers, fine coal, industrial ashes, or some fine-grained or fibrous raw materials and plastics, usually have specially adapted geometry and wall texture. The inclination of the walls of the discharge hopper is selected in them to make emptying the tank as easy as possible.
Regardless of the specific industry, steel silos can operate as single devices or groups of silos. Depending on the material stored in the silo, these tanks can be equipped with various types of unloading support systems.

Proper storage of products and semi-finished products is a technologically necessary process that allows you to maintain their high quality. Determining the fill level of a silo is a key issue related to the storage of various types of material. A rational storage policy is a key element of the functioning of each industrial installation. By knowing how full the silo is, we can avoid overfilling it. 4INDUSTRY products meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC concerning equipment intended for use in potentially explosive areas.

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