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Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters

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Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters, are industrial air filters where the filter medium has a cross-sectional shape of a multi-pointed star. Cartridge filters have a large filtration surface and efficiency with small dimensions, this effect is obtained thanks to the large number of bends of the filter material, the so-called pleats.


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Cartridge filters work well in places where it is necessary to take into account a large filtration area with a low dust concentration. They are used in installations intended for dedusting air from dry dust. Impurities are extracted from the device and then sucked into the filtration chamber. This is where the cartridge inserts are placed. The collected impurities settle on the outer side of cartridge cartridges, and the purified air is discharged outside through the purified air chamber.

As for the dimensions, the industrial cartridge filter, depending on the type, has a length of several centimeters to almost two meters, depending on the filtration unit. The most important element of the filter cartridge is the material, which should always be properly matched to the type and concentration of pollutants, temperature and dust size. The choice of filter material is based on the filtration task. A large range of filter materials allows for a qualified selection of the appropriate material. The base, flange and inner basket of the filter are made of galvanized steel.

The construction of cartridge filters also differs due to the mounting methods. The most common mounting is:

TYPE A-01: DIN open/closed pin screw
TYPE A-02: DIN open/closed pin screw cone version
TYPE A-03: TWIST LOCK/bayonet cylinder version
TYPE A-04: TWIST LOCK/bayonet cone version
TYPE A-05: STICK/pressed
TYPE A-06: DIN open/open
TYPE A-07: DIN open/solid closed
TYPE A-08: JET/flange with fixing hooks aluminum or plastic version
TYPE A-09: JET/flange with fixing hooks cast-in version
TYPE A-10: Quick-Lock filter
TYPE A-11: Female RD Thread Filter

Regeneration of cartridge filters, i.e. precipitation of excess dust impurities from the filtering surface of the cartridge cartridge in industrial devices, can be carried out by: compressed air pulses or the so-called reverse, i.e. back blowing in relation to the flow of the dusty medium. The version with pneumatic pulse cleaning is definitely more popular. Industrial cartridge filters are usually cylindrical in shape, but they are also often cones, oval and flat filters. The inside of the filter is reinforced with a suitable mesh or perforated sheet. These elements are properly selected so that the filter retains its filtration parameters without creating additional flow resistance.

An example of using cartridge filters are places requiring dust extraction for various processes, e.g. shot blasting, polishing, welding, sandblasting, grinding or powder coating, laser cutting, plasma cutting, acetylene cutting. Cartridges also work very well in smaller dust collectors and when processing plastics. Our offer also includes cartridge filters for the food industry. A very interesting application of cartridge filters can be the metallurgical industry, where you work with materials whose dust can be flammable. In the event of an explosion hazard, cartridge cartridges with anti-electrostatic protection are used, which prevent the formation of microscopic discharges that can lead to the ignition of hazardous material and fire.

Our offer includes filter papers from impregnated cellulose papers, through synthetic and composite filter materials, to highly effective materials based on microglass.

4INDUSTRY offers cartridge filters widely used in industrial applications. We try to meet the highest requirements of our customers. We are able to make custom filters tailored to a specific issue.

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