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Refractory anchors

Refractory anchors

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Refractory anchors



Steel heat resistant / high temperature resistant / fireproof anchors are widely used in light and heavy industry, they are structural components that connect and fix lightweight refractories such as ceramic fibers, lightweight insulating bricks and unshaped refractories to the metal wall of the furnace or torch. Steel anchors are the most important and very responsible element of refractory lining systems used in the metallurgical, energy or cement industries.

Heat-resistant mounting accessories are made of heat-resistant steel and are intended for mounting lightweight structures of lining systems and insulating materials in the form of ceramic fiber mats, ceramic fiber boards, ceramic modules and ceramic fittings as well as mineral wool. Heat-resistant anchors are selected depending on the operating temperature of the devices and the insulation thickness used.



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We produce different shapes of anchors: straight, cross, L, Y, V, etc. The anchors can be delivered according to individual requirements, in various lengths, e.g. with a bend, corrugated, as well as with plastic covers on the ends. All these elements are made of: carbon steel, stainless steel or heat-resistant steel for various temperatures of use, depending on Customer requirements.

The anchors of different designs, made of different materials, should be selected according to the design of the industrial furnace, the temperature of the furnace itself and the atmosphere of furnace environment.

Y-shaped anchors are one of the most commonly used systems, primarily because of their affordability. They are used for various types of applications and for various types of masonry. They are used for single-layer lining as well as for multi-layer structures. Y-shaped anchors are used from light to very dense refractory concretes and are suitable for high-speed arc welding. These anchors are usually corrugated only on the branched part, however, the entire anchor may be corrugated.

BLACK / CARBON STEEL – black steel anchors are used in the production and prefabrication of the so-called “filigree”. It is characterized by high strength and hardness, but at the same time it is not very resistant to corrosion.

are the most commonly used alloys for stainless steel anchors where rust resistance is required. We recommend using these alloys for constant temperatures up to 750°C.

HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT STEEL – AISI 321 – has excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive media, including hot petroleum products, steam and exhaust gases. In continuous operation in air, good oxidation resistance up to 900°C, with temperature changes up to 800°C. In carbon dioxide service, resistance up to 650°C. Very good weldability with all known welding methods.

HEAT RESISTANT STEEL – AISI 310 / 310S – offers strength and oxidation resistance, is sufficiently resistant to thermal cycling damage and spalling, can be used up to 1150 – 1200°C and is particularly advantageous for gas furnaces.

HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT STEEL – H25T is one of the better heat-resistant ferritic steel grades with the addition of Titanium, intended for work in high temperatures, gas and exhaust gas environments up to 1000 °C.

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