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Filter bags

Filter bags


Filter bags

  • All filter bags and sleeves available in the 4INDUSTRY range are made-to-order products, except for the quality of the materials. Access to a set of fabric filters and filter fibers allows the use of filter bags that are perfect for many industrial processes. The filter bags offered by 4INDUSTRY are thoroughly tested for the needs of customers and are perfect for the specifics of the industry in which they work. The right choice of fibers is often a key factor in the course of the filtration process. Our bags meet stringent standards regarding the quality of workmanship and functional properties as well as technical parameters required by customers.

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Filter bags are, in the industry nomenclature, cartridges for bag filters, which can be found most often in various industrial applications. They are one of the most popular industrial materials used in the filtration process of both liquids and dust-air mixtures. Filter bags allow for effective separation of industrial pollutants and are the most effective materials that affect the quality of atmospheric air and reduce the amount of post-production dust emitted into the atmosphere. Diversified parameters and chemical properties of filter fibers make it possible to select the material for many filtration processes, e.g. those conducted at high temperatures or in an aggressive reactive environment. Depending on the type of dust nuisance and the working conditions of the bags, filter materials with different physicochemical properties are used.

Filter bags, although their name may suggest a very narrow range of their use – are definitely universal and widely used in various industries. The ability to filter air, liquids, high efficiency and durability mean that there are many companies that use their properties. It is also worth paying attention to the performance of the bags – the multitude of solutions in this field also means resistance to specific environmental factors, substances or physicochemical conditions.


  • grain and milling industry
  • food and feed industry
  • wood and furniture industry
  • cement industry
  • gypsum and lime industry
  • energy and mining industry
  • automotive industry
  • plastics industry
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • metallurgical and metallurgical industry
  • fertilizer industry
  • cleaning and shot blasting of metals
  • asphalt plants
  • waste treatment plants


  • PP / POLYPROPYLENE (other trade name: meraklon)
  • POLYAMIDE (other trade name: nylon, perlon)
  • PAN / POLYACRYLONOTRIL (other trade name: dolamite, ricem)
  • POLYPHENESULPHIDE (other trade name: rhyton)
  • PES / POLYESTER / (other trade name: geotextile, trevira, terylene)
  • ARAMID (other trade name: nomex)
  • POLITETRA (other trade name: Teflon, Profilen)
  • POLYAMIDE (other trade name: P84)
  • PPS (other trade name: polyphenylene sulfide)
  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Among the filter bags, there are different types of execution: antistatic, Teflon, resistant to high and low temperatures, resistant to water and greasy dirt, and many, many other applications. Nonwovens and fabrics are selected depending on the type of dust, filter efficiency, operating temperature and dust properties. It is very important to properly dimension the bag and specify the application in which the dust collector is working. Thanks to the use of materials with different physical and chemical properties, you can easily choose the most appropriate variant of the ordered filtration system – bag, sleeve or cartridge. Filter bags are made to measure, for individual orders, in accordance with the technical parameters provided by the customer. In addition, they can be equipped with a bottom, eye, ring or other type of reinforcement. As a result, during everyday use, bag filters and sleeves do not tend to deteriorate, rub or tear quickly, they perfectly separate the dust generated as a result of machining processes. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the cut is designed so that their installation does not cause any problems.


The most popular material, due to its price and properties, is polyester, available in various weights and with various protections, depending on the needs. Such bags are characterized by antistatic properties, this feature has been used in dedusting substances with explosive properties. A non-standard solution used in industry are polyacrylonitrile filter bags. Their main advantage is that they can be used in demanding environments, including high temperature and aggressive chemical environments. Polyamide filter bags are characterized by very good resistance to high temperatures of 230-260°C. Non-woven polyamide is sometimes combined with other materials in order to achieve better resistance to the conditions in which it will be used.
In industrial production, where post-production gases reach higher temperatures or the environment is chemically aggressive, other filter materials are used. Thanks to the possibility of ordering any size and type of finish, each bag filter can be easily adapted to the intended application, without the need to modify the finished product later. To meet your expectations, we make sure that each filter bag, sleeve and cartridge that we sell allows for effective separation of even very fine impurities and fractions.


The bags can be stitched or welded. In addition, there is an option to secure the seams. The filter fabrics used are tested and certified. We also offer filter bags with a certificate for the food industry. Types of fastening, such as snapring-expansion ring, cord, gasket or slings, are adapted to the type of installation or support baskets. The working side can be external or internal. The other side of the bag is usually made of a single or double bottom, sewn flat or with a hole.


Filter bags require proper assembly, this is another important element ensuring their proper operation. That is why the 4INDUSTRY offer includes services related to the service of bag filters and professional replacement of cartridges.


  • filter manufacturer and type
  • dimensions of the filter bag (diameter or flat width, length)
  • the method of attachment
  • making the top and bottom of the bag
  • working side (internal or external)
  • temporary/constant operating temperature and dust properties
  • type of material currently used, additional treatments and finishes
  • problems, if any, with the currently used bags
  • quantity

We invite individual customers as well as commercial, intermediary, service and filtration companies to cooperate with us. We are ready to take orders that go beyond our core business. Feel free to contact us!

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