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Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves


Rotary Valves

The rotary valve is a device designed to receive and dose bulk & powder materials. It can be used as a closure for bag filters, silos and cyclones and in pneumatic transport systems. The transported material is fed through the charging stub, then the material is dosed by means of a rotating rotor with blades. The material leaves the dispenser through the discharge spout.

4INDUSTRY produce rotary valve dispensers with high operating parameters, tailored to the needs of our customers. Parts are prepared on numerically controlled machine tools, welding is carried out on automatic lines, and finished products are painted in a paint and drying booth, which guarantees high quality protective coatings.

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Rotary valve feeders are widely used in industry. Technological installations for the transport of loose materials, from granulates to the dusty fraction of the material, require the use of rotary valve dispensers in the processes of transfer, dosing or storage. Rotary valve feeders are installed under silos, transport devices, filters and cyclones and in pneumatic transport systems.

* DIRECTIVE 94/9/EC, EN 15089

Rotary valves in the EX version manufactured by 4 INDUSTRY are certified as a protective element in explosion isolation systems for loose materials with explosive properties in dust explosion hazard conditions. The dispenser protects the transport installation against propagation of flame and explosion pressure up to 1MPa. The bearings in this type of dispenser are moved away from the body, which protects them against damage in the event of an explosion. The motor is equipped with a brake, which protects the dispenser against rotation after switching off in the event of an explosion. It can work in dust explosion zones 21 and 22 outside the housing and in zones 20-22 for the inner chamber.


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