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Steel constructions

Steel constructions

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Steel constructions

Steel structures are building constructions or their parts with load-bearing elements made of steel. Examples include steel halls, warehouses, industrial facilities, machine parts, steel structure casings, crane beams, supporting structures for industrial installations, self-supporting structures, railings, platforms, trusses and roof trusses, balustrades and braces.

Steel structures are load-bearing systems for devices, commonly used in most industries and production. 4INDUSTRY deals with the entire process of their creation – from the moment of engineering designs and strength calculations, preparation of design documentation, through the production of elements and their details, welding of structures, anti-corrosion and fire protection, to the delivery and assembly of entire steel structures or prefabricated elements.

When it comes to steel structures, we operate globally, the area of our activities in the field of their delivery covers almost all regions of the globe.

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The high quality of services and welding standards is confirmed by implemented and certified quality management systems in welding.

Welding during the production process is performed by experienced and qualified staff using equipment from reputable manufacturers, and a group of employees authorized to conduct tests and quality: visual control (VT), penetration control (PT) supervises the quality of the manufactured elements. Magnetic-particle control (MT), ultrasonic control (UT) and radiographic control (RT) analyzes are performed by companies cooperating with 4INDUSTRY.

We are not afraid of even the most demanding projects and our projects are durable and safe for end users. We ensure quality, precision and the highest quality of steel construction elements manufactured by 4INDUSTRY.

Thanks to our modern machine park, we can offer you a comprehensively made product, from design, through cutting, welding and machining, to anti-corrosion protection.


1. preparation of designs and structural calculations
2. initial shot blasting of the production material in the pass / tunnel shot blasting plant
3. cutting elements on saws or using numerically controlled devices (laser, plasma, water-jet cutting)
4. drilling and technological holes / openings
5. reinforcement of structural elements and its welding
6. re-shot blasting of finished construction elements
7. anti-corrosion protection made according to the ordering party’s guidelines (hot-dip galvanizing or painting with various methods

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