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Dust collector filter cages

Dust collector filter cages


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Dust collector filter cages

4INDUSTRY is a manufacturer of the highest quality support baskets for industrial dust collectors.

As the only company in Poland, we have a fully automated and technologically advanced production line. Thanks to this, we guarantee perfect straightness and quality of welds, and thus high strength of our products.
Filter cages, also commonly known as cages for filter bags, are a very important element of any industrial dust extraction system. Wherever loose products are processed, support baskets are a load-bearing element for filter bags.

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Dust collector filter cages are divided according to the method of their assembly (from the clean or dirty side of the filter) and their construction. Filter bag support baskets are usually mounted from the top, i.e. on the clean side of the filter. In this case, the filter bag is first assembled into which the support basket is inserted, which is then properly fixed. Supporting baskets attached from the bottom, i.e. the dirty side of the filter, are used less frequently. Such solutions are used when it is not possible to mount baskets from the clean side. Supporting baskets can also be mounted horizontally, if required by the specification of the dust extraction system. Thanks to the use of support baskets, the impact of polluted air from the outside of the filter bag does not cause the bag to collapse inwards, which could cause a decrease in the efficiency of the bag filter, and consequently of the entire dust collection device.

Bag filters equipped with stainless steel support baskets and galvanized steel support baskets are used primarily in heavy industries and wherever the design of the extraction system requires it. Stainless steel support baskets are also used in installations intended for dust extraction at elevated temperatures, where filter bags made of materials such as meta-aramid or Teflon are used.

Support baskets, depending on the length, are made of one or more elements joined together. In the case of combined support baskets, the individual elements are fastened together using special locks, which significantly increases their length and, at the same time, the efficiency of the filtration process.

Baskets can be finished with flanges, end fittings and venturis. Finishing elements of the basket can be made of black steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We can also produce combined (divided) baskets.

Baskets for industrial dust collectors produced by 4INDUSTRY are characterized by repeatability, accuracy of workmanship, and the lack of any splinters that may damage the filter bags during everyday use.

At the customer’s request, we are able to make any support basket according to the technical drawing sent to us. We encourage you to use the price inquiry configurator.

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