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Venturi nozzle TYPE “C”

Venturi nozzle TYPE “C”


Venturi nozzle TYPE “C”

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Venturi’s collars are often used in many types of industrial devices. In dry air industrial filters, they produce a secondary air flow to strengthen the pulsating filtration bags. Venturi’s nozzle is economically justified in the case of long filter bags or when there is a large number of connected single filter cages in a row and more air for cleaning filter bags is needed for the effective and economic operation of the device. Compressed air is usually the most expensive (energy consuming) element in the operation of the dust removal system.

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To improve the safety of use and increase the quality and properties of the product and its heat and corrosion resistance, we are able to propose several variants of its finishing during the production process of our Venturi collars.

Venturi nozzle works like a reducer, creating a secondary air flow to increase the amount of air removing dust sediments from filter bags. Without Venturi’s nozzle, the volume of cleaning air may be insufficient in relation to the number of filter bags that should be cleaned.

Working principle of Venturi nozzle:

If at a certain point in the channel where the gas mixture moves with a certain speed, the narrowing (hole) with a much lower cross -section appears, the flow rate will increase and the stream pressure will drop. Based on the pressure difference, we can calculate the flow rate. Another application of the Venturi collars is the ability to produce vacuum by changing the speed of flowing gas stream.

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