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Screen for shredders

Screen for shredders

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sita_do rozdrabniaczy
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Screen for shredders

4INDUSTRY produces screens for industrial equipment such as mills, crushers, shredders and chippers. We focus mainly on the production of screens used in RDF (alternative fuel dosing) and recycling installations. We are able to produce a screens for any device. The highest quality production materials and advanced machinery guarantee both precision of workmanship and exceptionally high durability of our products.

Screen for shredders are important elements that influence the efficiency and quality of material grinding in industrial applications. Separation of appropriate size fractions of materials in the process of grinding, grinding and sorting allows the material to be precisely prepared for further processing and subsequent processing stages.

Additional information

Production material:

, , ,

Element thickness:

to 20mm

Finish method:

ordinary painting

Information leaflet

As a standard, the sieves are made of black steel, as well as of sheets with increased abrasion resistance. The maximum thickness of the sheet is 20 mm depending on the type of sheet and its width. We are able to manufacture screens based on the submitted technical drawing or we can prepare the manufacturing documentation ourselves based on the template sent for dimensioning.

The use of screens for shredders allows you to control the size and shape of the obtained material particles, which significantly affects the quality of the shredded raw material. By using appropriate screens for shredders, you can optimize the efficiency of individual machines and the entire production process. The screens offered by 4INDUSTRY are adapted to various types and sizes of shredders, enabling precise adjustment to the specifications and needs of a given production process. We produce shredder sieves in many dimensions to ensure optimal working conditions and efficiency in the shredding process.

Possible shredder screen use:
– screens for grinding plastics
– screens for grinding solid municipal waste
– screens for grinding solid industrial waste
– sieves for separating mineral raw materials and aggregates
– screens for grinding cables/wires/copper
– screens for grinding rubber
– screens for wood and pellet production
– sieves for grinding wood, OSB boards
– screens for separating biomass and compost
– screens for sifters
– drum sieves

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