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Polyamide (PA) & Polypropylene (PP) dust collector filter cages

Polyamide (PA) & Polypropylene (PP) dust collector filter cages


Polyamide (PA) & Polypropylene (PP) dust collector filter cages

Apart from metal filter cages, we offer our Customers a novelty on the market: dust collector filter cages made of plastic. Produst is made of reinforced polyamide and polypropylene, have a modular structure, so it can be used in filter bags of considerable length.

Polypropylene (PP) is a material with excellent resistance to most chemicals, including acids and alkalis. PP is characterized by a low coefficient of friction and has a low density, making it relatively light.

Polyamide (PA) is characterized by exceptional mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures and abrasion. PA has excellent vibration damping properties and is resistant to oils, greases and fuels.

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Depending on the application and the conditions in the dust filter, the production materials for plastic dust collector filter cages are polyamide and polypropylene. There is also no need to connect individual segments, although this is technically possible.

Plastic filter cages are most often used wherever high temperatures and aggressive working environments do not affect with the bag and filtration cage: in the woodworking industry, furniture and carpentry industry, in the production of transport pallets, in the plastics and packaging industry. Companies dealing in agriculture and the cement and coal industries are increasingly using this product. A single filter cage segment consists of two elements pressed together. Their assembly is very simple and the mounting holes fit very well.

It should be noted that the plastic dust collector filter cages, despite the fact that they are made of plastic itself, are a very ecological product. Because the materials used to produce them are easy to recycle. In fact, a disassembled and used filter bag with cage can be fully recycled and reused. Ecology therefore contributes to the increase in the popularity of this product on the market.

Plastic dust collector filter cagers can be equipped with venturi collars. This solution is often used in industrial equipment. In dry air dust collectors, they generate a secondary air flow to enhance the pulsation cleaning of the filter bags. The principle of operation of the venturi nozzle is as follows: if a narrowing occurs in a certain place of the channel where the gas mixture is moving at a certain speed, the flow speed will increase. The Venturi nozzle is economical for long filter bags and also allows you to reduce the amount of air needed to clean the filter bags. Compressed air is usually the most expensive (energy-consuming) element in the operation of a dust collection system.


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